Our House Building Project

September 22, 1989 - Category 5 Hurricane Hugo hit the Carolina coast and eventually moved inland directly over our property.


Nearly all our mature trees were knocked down.

After much consideration, we decided to make good of the situation and build a log home out of the fallen timber.

Neither of us had any previous building experience...



It took a week to cut a path to the mobile home we were living in.


We bought an old tractor and began moving logs.


We bought a sawmill and started cutting lumber


We cut and stacked lumber every day for 3 months.


The lumber dried for 3 more months while we planned and designed our house based on the amount of lumber we had cut.


One year after the hurricane we got our building permit...


and officially broke ground.


We chose a site in the back of our property.


Our business was slow, so Tony stayed home most days and worked until dark.


The foundation was ready and we started laying the first boards...


...then the first logs.


I think that's a good sign.


It began to take shape.


We interlocked the log wall ends and used oak pegs (that we cut) to join the logs.



The last peg - the walls are finished!


Uke isn't impressed.


Raising the roof rafter beams.



Covering the roof with pine boards.


Then attaching the metal roofing.


The exterior of the house is finished!



Now the difficult part - framing the inside.


Tony's mom and dad came to offer advice ;)


Finishing the inside.


Captain looks content.



Oak boards for bedroom ceiling and loft floor.


Looks like it's been here a long time.


No time to rest.


Tony built a hearth for the wood stove using stones gathered from the creek on our property.


Mary Anne prepared the log joints for chinking.


One year after the building permit and two years to the day after Hurricane Hugo hit, we received our "Certificate of Occupancy" and moved into our home!